The marketing world is changing. People, ideas, platforms, and campaigns are evolving, with each change bringing its own challenges.

You need to be data-driven to make the informed decisions that will push your brand to new levels of growth. Gut feeling is no longer enough.

Business problems today occur within interconnected complex systems, making them hard to decipher and solve, not unlike illness that plague the ultimate complex system: the Human Body.

Symptoms that plague marketing strategies are frustrating to deal with. Unaddressed, they lead to poor performance and results.

Daylight Rx’s diagnostic and treatment methodology applies a scientific approach that connects the dots.

You’ll benefit from our data-driven approach, embracing the modern tools of “marketing medicine” to ensure your strategy is insightful, actionable, and measurable.

Daylight Rx first helps you diagnose the fundamental problems in your business and marketing strategies. Then, using robust data, we prescribe a customized treatment plan to ensure your business and marketing strategy that zeroes in on the root of the problem.

Our team is constantly researching outstanding questions in the marketing field in order to fully understand the landscape, and we have on-the-ground expertise that can immediately be turned around into insights. Our researchers’ experience in the medical field ensures our methods and conclusions are measurable, testable, and accurate.

Don’t ignore the symptoms.

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