How do you increase brand awareness and drive foot traffic to one of the most lauded fashion destinations in Hong Kong?

When it came down to tackling this challenge, Daylight and client Hang Lung Development chose social as our primary tool, harnessing the medium’s wide reach and interactive capabilities to broaden Fashion Walk’s existing fan base.

Our creative solution materialised as: “100 Ways to Summer @ Fashion Walk.” This referred both to the 100 different ways one can experience summer, as well as the 100 different pathways leading up to summer, playing on Fashion Walk’s concept of several separate streets coming together to form a premium shopping and lifestyle destination.

To provoke curiosity and generate awareness for tenant promotions, we also created a graphic motif for 100 unique social media posts that were sequentially numbered and individually designed, each featuring one fabulous aspect of a summer spent at Fashion Walk.

This graphic and the “100 Ways to Summer” theme served as overarching elements that spanned the entire campaign, while all in all, we created and published a total of 100 bilingual posts on Fashion Walk’s Facebook and Instagram pages over three months.

To date, the results show that our campaign had been a hit with shoppers and a great success for Fashion Walk.

Our main objective for this campaign was to boost the number of Fashion Walk Facebook page fans to 50,000 by the end of August, with (more importantly) a corresponding increase in engagement rate. We achieved that target well before summer’s end, reinforcing our client’s position as Hong Kong’s preeminent fashion destination.