Cellarmaster Wines

While the dangers of overconsumption are widely known, responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages represents many positive moments in life. Examples of this are plentiful: Congratulating a friend on their promotion with a bottle of champagne. Toasting the special people in our lives on their birthdays. Marking an important anniversary with a bottle of fine red wine.

At the core, we realized that all of these situations are about bringing people together and creating wonderful, memorable experiences. Cellarmaster Wines summed this up with a simple yet powerful sentiment—“making it wonderful”—which we embraced as the spark for our campaign.

Our strategy was simple: to showcase authentic examples of real people celebrating wonderful moments together, with a little help from Cellarmaster Wines.

We conceptualized and executed the “Making it #wonderful” campaign, launching with an online video that shows Cellarmaster Wines helping an Australian man give his family a wonderful surprise. Viewers can’t help but see the family’s authentic emotional reactions in the video, which ends with the couple celebrating this wonderful moment with a glass of wine. The video tied Cellarmaster Wines to the beauty of wonderful moments.

Apart from viewing the campaign video, the public was invited to nominate people for the company’s next “Making it #wonderful” video and share their own videos using the hashtag #wonderful as part of a viral video campaign. Anyone who nominated others or shared a video had a chance to win prizes.

We also created a virtual vending machine to bring our Wonderful concept to life in a most unusual manner: via a 12-metre-long banner ad in a hyper-busy subway station, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR.

The banner ad featured six images of vending machines—one each for champagne, white wine, red wine, spirits, ciders & mixers, and beer—showcasing the range of products sold by Cellarmaster Wines, with each vending machine displaying 12 different bottles. A QR code below each bottle enabled passers-by to purchase the items directly via their smartphone or browse the rest of the offering in Cellarmaster Wines’ online store.

From a business perspective, the interest and engagement generated by the campaign translated into phenomenal results for Cellarmaster Wines, including:

• 112% year-on-year increase in website traffic
• 60% year-on-year increase in orders
• 230% year-on-year increase in sales revenue