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How do you reach a young, cynical target market that doesn’t want to be reached?

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How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while benefiting a worthy charity?
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Fashion Walk

How did we make Hong Kong’s high fashion hub a must-visit for summer?
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Content Creation

Social Media Management, Copywriting and Design
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2D, 360° Video and Virtual Reality
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Mobile and Web Solutions
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Business Diagnostics and Analytics
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Social Media Realtime Crisis Simulation Training
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Meet our team!

We are digital marketers with a passion for great art that serves a practical purpose.

  • David Ko


    Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific

    David has built his career in Asia’s PR and marketing industry for over 20 years, both on the agency side with Edelman Worldwide, Hill & Knowlton, and Waggener Edstrom, as well as in-house marketing roles with Cisco Systems and Redback Networks. Prior to founding Daylight he was Waggener Edstrom’s Asia Pacific head, leading a team that spanned seven wholly-owned offices and three affiliate offices. David witnessed the dawn of digital marketing, penning two columns for PCWorld in the early 90s as well as moderating CompuServe’s Hong Kong Forum. He saw the Internet’s rise to prominence during that decade, starting from the early days of USENET and Pine email to the World Wide Web taking over the world. David describes Daylight as a content creation agency, in the belief that while Technology never stops evolving various ways to consume, engage and interact with content, the ability to tell a great story is a critical marketing asset that will never fade.

  • “MAX


    Group Director

    An Integrated Marketing Specialist and Project Manager, Max brings over 10 years experience across North America and Asia, leading and developing cross-functional teams as a key strategic driver toward anchoring creativity for long-lasting brand experiences.

    Max is a troublemaker and aspires to break barriers. He believes in bold visions, key strategic direction and precise execution that empower brands to thrive in rapidly evolving marketplaces.

    Words to live by: “I come with empty hands and the desire to unbuild walls.” — Ursula K. Le Guin

  • “Plato

    Plato Chow

    Techonology Manager

    After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at University of British Columbia, Plato has worked as a web developer on several major campaigns before joining Crown Worldwide Group, JobsDB and now Daylight.

    Plato believes that the age of technology should be about solving problems. He’s committed to creating solutions that disrupt the way brands operate to the benefit of the community at large.



    Manager, Insights & Analytics

    Joshua is a data nerd. Before joining Daylight, his background was in biomedical research, studying immunology and virology in the context of public health.

    Now, he spends most of his time playing with data to discover the insights beneath, empowering clients to make the best decisions with the confidence of data analytics.

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Joshua also spent time in Taipei before moving to Hong Kong. Outside, he’s on the tennis court or rock climbing; inside, he’s reading tech blogs or catching up on Netflix.

  • “Jeremy

    Jeremy Huang


    Formerly a founding member of one of Singapore’s leading independent creative agencies, Jeremy has worked as a Horse rider at a Polo club, a Dolphin trainer in a Marine Mammal facility, performed classics on stage in theatre and hoodwinked an entire nation with a guerilla marketing stunt. He has also served in a few other roles that stray towards the fringe – although, for that, it’s probably best to speak with him in person.

    Believing that the best travels often take place within one’s own mind, Jeremy hopes to create vivid, engaging content for brands by telling compelling stories through the written word and lived experience.

    He loves Asia thoroughly and hopes to be based here in all his future, recurring lives.

  • “Alexis

    Alexis Huang

    Content Specialist

    Alexis loves learning. Before she joined Daylight, she earned a Masters of Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University in International Journalism Studies.

    As a content specialist at Daylight, Alexis devotes herself to visual content creation. From shooting to producing, she uses her lens to tell compelling stories for different brands, because she believes that the ultimate goal of all forms of art is to tell stories, trigger thinking, and enlighten. Her mantra? Style is everything.

    Outside of work, she enjoys jogging, traveling, and learning French. She is also a film fanatic and salad lover!

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